Paul Anthony Johnson

Paul Anthony Johnson

Earliest Release: 7/2017 Age : 30 Birthday: Jan 05, 1985 Sexual Preference: Straight Relationship Status: Single Interested In: Women Looking For: Friendship, A Relationship My Religion: Christian Highest Level of Education: GED Hometown: Burney CA

Earliest Release: 7/2017
Birthday: Jan 05, 1985
Hometown: Burney CA

I’m from California, but due to prison overcrowding I was transferred to Oklahoma. I had never been homesick until I spent a week here.

I’m 29 years old. I’m in prison for receiving stolen property, getting in a high-speed chase, and also possession of narcotics. I’ve never committed a violent crime. I’m not a violent person. I’m a decent guy when I’m sober. I’d like to meet positive people who are doing positive things. I’ve got only a couple of years left, and it would be great to make some friends.

If you want to write me, I’ll respond quickly. I won’t waste your time. I don’t have a significant other, and I don’t know what else to put down.

I’m in my cell, bored as h***, so please write me. I’m from Northern California – Shasta County – so when I’m free, I love to camp, fish, and go to the lake. I don’t really look it but I’m a country boy.

I cannot receive jPay, but I can get money through “Western Union” or money order. I’ve enclosed the directions:

Western Union 1-800-643-3422 by Phone $5.95
Internet: $3.95
Walk-in-cash payment $5.95
1-800-325-6000 for locations
Pay to: Corrections Corp of America; Code City: Trustcca; State: TN

Mailed in Money from Streets goes to: CCA INMATE TRUST ACCOUNT NFORK
PO Box 933488, Atlanta GA 31193-3488

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