Graceandra Cornett

Graceandra Cornett


Earliest Release: 2027 Age : 36 Birthday: Oct 04, 1978 Sexual Preference: BiSexual Relationship Status: Single Interested In: Men, Women Looking For: Legal Help, Donations My Religion: Christian Hometown: Houston TX

I am a woman of my different beautiful colors. As time lessens the distance that separates us, you find that I enjoy riding horses, swimming, reading best-sellers, being romanced, charmed – as I am a very passionate woman. I enjoy intellectual, stimulating conversation that will leave me thinking long after the conversation has ended. Volleyball is a sport that I enjoy and I’m a sports fan – “Cheers”.

There are many layers to who I am as a woman – like a crystal ball that you hold up to the lite and it reveals to you many beautiful colors – that describes my personality. Take a walk with me into my world so I can introduce you to a fun-loving,open and non-judgmental mind that’s full of ideas and wonder…. There are so many things I want to experience in life and so much I have yet to feel from life…. I am due to see parole in a matter of months, and, hope to put this behind me then (and the crowd cheers wildly)!!!!I need as many allies as I can get. Starting over is never easy but, I welcome the challenge…. Although I am constantly told I’m beautiful, I long to be viewed and noticed because of my character and spirit, because that’s where my true beauty lies. Long lines of conviction build strong walls.I am told love is stronger than any strong walls. In this lies my hope.As soft as a shadow, like mist on a feather… come into my dreams and stay there forever…

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