Larry Bell

Larry Bell

Earliest Release: 2017 Age : 41 Birthday: Feb 24, 1974 Sexual Preference: Straight Relationship Status: Single Interested In: Women Looking For: Friendship My Religion: Believer in God Highest Level of Education: GED Hometown: Kankakee IL

Earliest Release: 2017
Birthday: Feb 24, 1974
Hometown: Kankakee IL

My name is Larry but people call me… Well, we’ll just stick to Larry for now. I’m a little embarrassed by the nickname I received at birth. I’ve tried to abandon it but people refuse to let me outgrow a kid’s name. Curious? Write and I’ll tell you.

I’m seeking pen pals who love to write. I love writing letters. I actually love engaging in conversations of all types. I love to interact with people about anything. I’m looking for lots of mail. I’m not looking for someone to take care of me or send me money. I’m aware of the rep inmates have and it plagues good men like myself. All I want is mail and pictures to help me get through these last 2 yrs. I will not lie, play games or say what I think you want to hear. I want to pen pal with you not sell dreams.

Do not be misled, I’m completely available and willing to explore “IF” the stars align and pull us that way. If that happens: I’ve never cheated, I love committed relationships and I don’t believe in forcing things. Just want it clear that I’m not seeking romance but if it happens, I am the relationship type and wiling to go “All In”.

I’m funny, romantic, nurturing and a good conversationist. Tired of the same boring type of pen pals? Contact me. Do not let my pictures fool you. I must appear “Thuggish” to survive. My pics won’t reveal that I know all the words to Taylor Swift’s last 6 singles or my favorite album of all times is “Like A Virgin”. Yep!! I love music and all kinds. And I think you should know I’ve dated several races and sizes. I’m not shallow and I’m very open-minded and waiting.

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