Cornealius Brown #11140-033 PO Box 5000 Greenville, IL 62246

Earliest Release: 2018 Age : 43 Birthday: Aug 19, 1971 Sexual Preference: Straight Relationship Status: Single Interested In: Women Looking For: Friendship, A Relationship Highest Level of Education: High School Graduate Hometown: Jackson TN, Dallas TX

Earliest Release: 2018
Birthday: Aug 19, 1971
Hometown: Jackson TN, Dallas TX


Never should you judge a book by it’s cover, nor should you judge a treasure by the circumstance, condition, or environment in which it’s discovered; Some of the most valued treasures have been found in the darkest of places. In a sense, we’re all prisoners of our environments, and life often ends up being a pleasant disappointment; a dream for the wise, a game for the fool, a comedy for the rich, and a tragedy for the poor…. Only in theory are we masters of our own destiny.

I’ll never claim to be an angel, because that’s simply not who I am; The reality is that I’m an individual who made certain “career” choices because I was faced with certain adverse circumstances. Every decision I made was calculated, and targeted at making life better for those I held dear to my heart. I sold a lot of drugs, and I would be lying if I said that I didn’t enjoy the money, fame, lifestyle, and other spoils of my craft. Nevertheless, my good heart survived all the craziness I encountered on my quest for riches, and today I have an entirely different outlook concerning the direction in which my life is headed. As reluctant as many are to admit it, we’ve all experienced our share of mishaps and bad decisions which have at times made it difficult to look at the person we see in the mirror. However, at the end of the day, we are who we are and we go on living life hoping we find the piece of the puzzle which completes us; We all lack something which can only be obtained by sharing a part of ourselves with another.

I’m currently working on my degree in Business Management, and can’t wait till I can complete and put it to use upon my return to the world. I take my health very seriously, so I workout five days per week. Oil painting, drawing, writing poetry, and reading keeps my mind occupied in my spare time; These aren’t qualities one would expect an ex drug dealer to excel at, but I wasn’t always a drug dealer. :-)) I’ve never been the abusive type, and my sense of humor is a huge part of who I am; A strong, loving, considerate individual who is fun to be around…. A protector and someone who can listen without judging. Believe it or not, there’s a really decent guy hidden beneath all the dreads and tattoos. :-))

I’m looking for a friendship with a beautiful, career oriented, woman who knows what she wants out of life; A woman who isn’t about a lot of games and nonsense. We can see how things progress from there. I’m interested in all races, and age is merely a number to me. Take a chance and step outside the box for a change; Leave me a message, and I promise not to disappoint. You’re still reading, so you know you’re interested… I’ll be waiting to hear from you. :-))

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