Timothy Caldwell #28840-044

Timothy Caldwell 28840-044 P.O. Box 2099 Pollock, LA 74167

Release Date: 03/27/2026

My name is Timothy Caldwell, a lot of my associates call me True. I was born in E.St Louis, IL. I was raised in both IL & MO.
I’m currently seeking a opportunity in meeting a woman who doesn’t mind communicating with someone under the unfortunate circumstances I find myself in. A woman of endless passion, outgoing, personality, likes to talk, is driven and intelligent. These characteristics I find intriguing in a friend/woman of substance, which leads to my reasoning in seeking what outofsightoutofmindprisoners has to offer.

I consider myself to be a very outgoing & spontaneous individual. I enjoy good music, working out, reading, traveling and being with that special one. The past 15 years have been both hard and productive. It turned what was intended to be bad into a blessing.

I would like to share some more, however, I need to feel that I am taken seriously and that the folk around me have my best interest at heart.During this time of incarceration, I’ve taken it upon myself to further my education, enrolled in G.E.D., cooking, CDL, forklifting, small business, exercise, investment…”ALL COMPLETE”

I’m now a teacher helping inmates. I aid and assist them in any way to further their education, communication skills, I’m also a Cook & Veg Prep worker that fixes meals for over 1400 inmates three times a day…..HOPE TO HEAR FROM YOU SOON. ALL CAN WRITE

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