Venessa Rocha

Venessa Rocha

Race: Hispanic Date of Birth: 12-17-91 Earliest Release Date: 2023 Maximum Release Date: 2033 Height: 5'1" Religion: Christian

Date of Birth: 12-17-91
Earliest Release Date: 2023

As you read this, I can only hope and pray it would have found you in the very best of all aspects in life. As it leaves with me doing pretty good. I’m young, although I’m far from average. I’ve stabilized my mentality and matured earlier than most others. I’m not sure how you view a lesson learned, though I’m taking this as a learning experience. You never realize how strong you are until you aren’t given an option but to remain strong. Needless to say, times can get lonely, having someone to lean nourishes the soul; regardless off the circumstances.

I’m down to earth and open to talk about whatever. I love to laugh and make people smile. I’m loyal, almost to a fault, and dedicated to my beliefs. If you try and keep it real with me, I promise to keep it hundred with you. Deal? I don’t need someone selling me a fairy tale. In all sincerity, it would be nice to maintain a conversation with someone other than a cellmate. I can be a great escape to you on a good or bad day. I’ll hear you out. If you need some advice, I’ll try my best to give you some positive feedback, If you decide to take it as some solid advice, it’s on you. I believe some of the bet of friends start as complete strangers. That’s it for now.

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