Joseph Arnold #18892-076

Release Date: 06/28/2022

Greetings and good afternoon. My name is Joseph Arnold. I’m a 51 year old black male who is 5’10” in height. I weigh 195lbs.
As I take this explicit opportunity I’ll come with sound reasoning in hope of a perfect combination.Perhaps you/we will come to the realization that this could be something with a strong declaration. But meant for nothing other then being friends/pen pals(thought speaking) I just hope their is a rational mind female out there who is unrestricted to meaningful conversation, though to many my situation will be like the dust that hides the glow in the road. I have many of certificates, along with acquiring my G.E.D. While behind these walls,with an open mind I ask that you read this brief message and if for any reason the doubt of uncertainty comes about I only ask that you reread this missive and use the qualities you possess when it comes to responding. A great deal has been left out of this missive but maybe through our candor, willingness to vibe, we will/can fill in all the blanks. I thank you for your time

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