Alex N Mitchell #27540-001

Alex Mitchell U.S.P P.O. Box 2099 Pollock, LA

Release Date: 04/16/2027

Well what’s happening ladies? I hope that all is well withyou as all of you strive to maintain balance, beauty and of course blessings.
Since I’ve opened this bio with the above facts. I think it’s only right to move along with a few things about myeslf.

I enjoy rteading books based on growth and wisdom, also business and stocks. I love writing poetry and lyrics to rap and R&B. I have a song on google called pink chocolate, just google vedo the don to listen.

I’m very loyal, strong minded, motivating, also a very great listener you can vent to. I’m interested in a lady that’s into me, one that doesn’t play games and is as loyal as a friend, one that knows the struggle and feels my pain, has common book and a little street sense to understand my circumstances, one who is here today and still here tomorrow when i call her.

If this is you or if this interests you, please get at me,,,,



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