Antwan Ricardo Constant #15976-056

Antwan Constant

Release Date: 12/01/2035

Greetings! I am seeking a friendly companionship from any female that is mature,
independent, educated, but still down to earth. As you can see from my photograph.I’m a black male who stands 5’7″, weigh 145lbs, age 39. I l love to play basketball, read a variety of books,but most of all (poetry writing) is my favorite. I am currently serving 33 years for drugs and a gun. I’ve been incarcerated 9 years and am still actively fighting my case.

If you find my photograph okay,then please write to me so that we could exchange advice, ideas, and possibly find solutions to our way over-due problems. Let’s be inspirational towards one another…looking forward to corresponding with one of you beautiful ladies out there….P.S. I’m one of the good guys, I just made a poor decision on which way to go in life.

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