Ricky Lockhart #27045-009

Ricky Lockhart 27045-009 P.O. Box 2099 Pollock, LA 71467

Release Date: 08/12/2025

I am 31 years of age, about 6’1″ and 153 pounds. I have no children. I am currently doing a 10 year bid for bank robberies. My situation that led me to be behind bars was the suffering of my only sister from kidney and lung failure.
At the age of 31, she left behind 3 boys and a little girl. Insurance not being able to cover all the costs, I did what I did to prolong her life at least a little while. I told you this because I want you to now that I’m not perfect, but i do give love with all my “heart” when it comes to all my family and the people I choose to love.

I’m a person that likes to communicate. I do believe that is the key to build up trust and keep an understanding. I also believe in giving a woman the respect she deserves…especially y woman!!! In a relationship, I will be that protector. I will be the provider. I can for sure be passionate and satisfy your every need. I will be the best friend and and most of all br that person you can trust.,

For entertainment, I like to workout, it’s a stress reliever. I’m the type of person the lives to have fun. I’m not a boring person. I love to keep and make things excited. I do the walks in the park, I’m with the cooking, I’m with bringing roses just to let my woman know….d

As for the woman I’m looking for, I’m interested in the chocolate..LOL…a woman that’s willing to accept and give love, a woman that’s honest and just for me. I’m waiting…..

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