Michael Williams #39805-060

Release Date: 06/08/2016


Release: 11/13/15 Charge:Possession with intent to distribute Hometown: Cleveland,OH Race:Black Gender: Straight(100%)  Eyes: Brown Hair: Black

I am looking forward to meeting new people of all different walks of life but i would like them all to be mature women(I already have three children of  my own) Not to say that I’m looking to meet old women cause that’s no the case. I do admire a strong woman. I am 6’3″, 250lbs, dark brown. I have been incarcerated for over ten years and will be releases in 7 months. Upon release, I will work in the construction field. I am 39 years old and young at heart with mature mind. I love all children, mine are 18, 17, 16 years old and even though I love children I don’t want anymore. I have a very large, loving,and supporting family. I have a good sense of humor and integrity. I am not well off. i am not dirt poor either. I do  not want anything from you but your friendship. I love the Browns and i really like the Cavaliers. GO CLEVELAND!!!!

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